Why you should work Creativity into your life.

“When I grow up, I just want to sit behind the desk and suppress all my creativity,” said no child ever.

Image Courtesy of Flickr And Jill

Image Courtesy of Flickr And Jill

With the average age of the skilled craftsmen being 50+ years old, soon there will be a huge demand for the younger generation to step up and learn skill sets.

We’re on our way to a definite skills gap in the United States, and most don’t even see it coming.

There’s opportunity for someone to make a decent living while having the freedom to call their own shots.

Now is the perfect time to step up and start practicing a mindset that enables your creativity to flourish.

Your mind is a muscle that needs worked out. The more you work it out, the easier it is to use it and the heavier lifting that it can do.

Creativity is a funny thing because if you exercise your brain and allow it to be creative in the ways that it naturally wants to, then it can affect the way that you’re thinking in all other areas of your life and work.

Even if you consider something a hobby, it can still be very beneficial to exercise that creative side of your brain.

If your job is not that creative, then find ways to inject some creativity into your boring everyday worklife.

By exercising that creativity muscle, you will stand out.  Don’t be surprised if you quickly grow within the ranks.

Just remember that creativity takes practice.  It comes easier to some, but everyone has the ability to exercise this side of themselves.

Now go use your brain.  Surprise yourself!

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