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Yes, and welcome to Middle Class Entrepreneur. I am your host, Daniel Bowling. I’d like to welcome you to, what I believe to be, Episode No. 19 but I’m not 100% sure because I’ve been away for about two and a half months. I’m back, a lot of changes have been made, and we are ready to get rolling.

I closed up a few loose ends in my life, sold my house, staying with a friend now until I move to Columbia in South Carolina where Courtney is already ahead of me staying.

But more importantly, let’s talk business. In one of the last few episodes, I’ve mentioned the upcoming Smart Tradesmen Community which I’m proud to announce that we’ve come a long way in setting up the platform for that.

I’m now blogging at danielericbowling.com. So that would be my home base. You can always go there to find out what I’m working on and what all I have going on.

And as a side note, buy your domain. These days, they’re running out quick. Chances are your name is probably already taken. So if you can check and it’s available, go ahead and just buy it over at Namecheap. Yes, namecheap.com is what I use.

And if your kids’ names are available, then buy them too. I would say in the next few years, it’s going to be more and more important to grab up those domains while they’re there. I mean without switching over to other like .nets and .ios and different things that are going to be more well-known. But if there’s a .com available, go ahead and grab it. $10 a year, you can have your own name and someday you’ll need it, someday you may not. It will always be there.

Anyways, moving on, the Mastermind Community, if you do go to danielericbowling.com, you’ll be greeted by a home page. And at the top, there’ll be a place where you can subscribe to my newsletter so you can hear weekly updates of what Ive got going on. And as a gift to you, you’ll get an access to the private community of Smart Tradesmen. You’ll get a couple of emails that you will have to click on to confirm your entry in your subscription. But the very last email will have a link to the private community where you can be directed directly to the Facebook group; and then, request access. And that’s when you’ll be granted access to Smart Tradesmen Private Mastermind Community.

If you’re still on the fence about it, when you get greeted at the home page of danielericbowling.com, you can go to the bottom and just read the blog, click on that. Then, you can look through everything that I got going on, the most recent blog posts, as well as there will be a tab on the left hand side that says “Mastermind Community”. If you want to go see the landing page, it kind of just tell you in more detail about what we got going on every day at the Mastermind Community. Then, please go to that tab and do put the landing page, watch the video, and see what you feel like from there. You’re really not out anything by joining this private community, but I would love to hear your side of the conversation, so join us. Please.

Recently, I’d helped out a friend set up a private area for his podcast, and I was really impressed with the camaraderie and the conversation that’s going on there. And everybody helping everybody within the group kind of build their strengths based on each individual’s unique backgrounds and experiences. And that’s exactly what I would like for our group, is to all of you likeminded listeners to get together, continue the conversation over from what you hear in the podcast episode of Middle Class Entrepreneur over in the private group and build up, support each other.

I tried to connect with quite a few of you individually and I really feel like I was failing you because I didn’t have enough time in a day to personally help you in the way that I would want to help you. So this way, we can kind of just chip in together and have one big conversation. My plans for the podcast moving forward is you’re going to notice a little bit of a different format. I’m going to miss you for probably once a week, and it’s going to fit more of my personality to not going to be the quantity style podcast that are being pushed on everybody’s throats.

I fell victim too. That’s what I thought I had to do, try to do interviews with people that would share my content and just kind of grow in that way, and I just thought it was natural for me. And I was really — now looking forward to the process every time. So, my new approach is going to be more conversational style and I’m going to connect with you, the listener, as much as possible. I wanted to be more of a mastermind-type hot seat conversation episode each time, as much as possible. So I want to hear from individuals like yourself who are just starting out or growing a business or interested in starting a business, and just hear about your unique situation, and see if I can offer any insights and kind of problem solve with you right there on the stop.

And then, the great thing about the community behind the podcast is going to be that I’m not the only one that’s going to be able to offer you my input and my perspectives. We can carry the conversation on over into the community. And then, you get to hear about what other people think besides me and my limited experiences and knowledge. So I’m really excited what’s to come.

The group has already started taking off a little bit but I’m really helping to build some momentum and do some great things and just build some cool stuff together. That’s my real goal here. Also, during my time away, I made an addition to the team. I hired myself an assistant named Marge Aviso who will be very critical to the consistency to come. I was trying to do everything myself before and I’m not tech savvy. And I was failing in just all these steps behind each and every thing – in everything posted and just everything that was involved. Those were just too much for me.

So I pulled the trigger. I got an assistant. And if you have any general questions or want to schedule some time with me personally, because I will be setting aside blocks of time each week to connect with the listeners over Skype or a phone call, just so I can keep in touch with what you got going on. And go ahead and email her at marge@danielericbowling.com. And Marge, it’s spelled M-A-R-G-E@danielericbowling.com.

And if you’re interested in being a guest in the show and talking about your business or your future business, or anything you got going on on the side, then please email her. Tell her you want to be a guest in the show. We’ll get you on as soon as possible. If it turns out that there’s a huge demand for this, then maybe we’ll bump up the consistencies of the show to two times a week or something. But we’ll just see how it goes.

I know I touched on it a little bit but if you would like to be a guest on the show, that would be absolutely awesome for me, because that’s why I’m doing this. I want to connect with other like-minded people and try to just build it off of our knowledge together and learn from you; and hopefully, you’ll learn from me. And we each take away a little of something from each other. But others will hear us talking about our problems and hopefully, benefit from hearing how we’re approaching these set of problems that may be similar to what they’re going through and give them just a little bit of courage to make it another day, and get over the hump in their business, and whatever speed bumps or difficulties that they’re currently facing.

So let’s build this together. This is our podcast. I sound corny but I’m really looking to going that direction. So, start the conversation, reach out to me, join the group, and let’s see what happens. I would like to give many big thanks to those of you that reached out to me in the last couple of months. Even though I wasn’t releasing any episodes, I was still getting downloads and still getting — Those of you reaching out to me to make my day and encourage me to keep going, I had no doubts that I would pick it back up. I was just trying to get things in order, and give us a home base to go to and to go off of. So, I had to focus on that foundation first.

So there were days that I was a little discouraged or a little down about progress. So by hearing from those of you that reached out to me, and really kept me going, I just want to say thank you. You really gave me the confidence to know that what we’re doing and what we’re working towards is unique and it is going to be something very powerful. So thank you once again.

And also, I want to give a big shot out to my friend over at “Hack the Entrepreneur” podcast, Jonny Nastor. He’s been very instrumental and keeping me focused and grounded, as well as doing the unstock these times that I just was overwhelmed with details, has a way of making my own questions, almost, by stating the obvious. And that’s exactly what I need him to do sometimes.

But if you get a chance and you want to hear about what makes very well-known entrepreneurs take and what makes them up as the people as they are, then check out his podcast. It’s hacktheentrepreneur.com or you can search him on iTunes. But he’s got a pretty unique podcast idea going on over there. And I love listening to it. So, you should check it out.

And while you’re checking out all the podcasts, check out “Shifting Work” with Dwain & Van. I was just interviewed on their podcast, which was released today at the time of this recording, Monday the 26th of January. I’m really happy to have met the both of them. They’re really awesome guys. I enjoyed the interview. I think that they’re going to be involved in the conversation of the mastermind group moving forward, because we’re all likeminded and they’re just looking to help and give back as much as I am. So, they are inside the Smart Tradesmen Community. So if you have any questions for them or would like to connect to them any way at all, then start the conversation with them within Smart Tradesmen and they’ll love to hear from you.

Well, that’s all we got for today. I just wanted to let you know that we’re back working on a great line-up of episodes to come. And I’ll look forward to everything that’s in front of us in this community that we’re going to build together. So I want you to get inspired, and I want you to take action. And you can start doing that by visiting me at danielericbowling.com.

Find one of the spots to sign up for the Mastermind Community and join the conversation. Are you a Twitter fan? If so, shoot me a message at danielebowling and let me know that you heard this first step said back, because you are the reason why I’m doing this. I would love to hear from you. Even if it is in less than 140 characters. So thank you once again. We’re back building this community together, show your support, share the landing page for the community with anybody that you think would benefit.

Go over to iTunes and Stitcher. Leave us a rating and a review. That’s the best way to get people listening to the podcast. So until next time. Thank you very much. What are you waiting for? Go take action. See ya!