Value your Skill sets: Why we should do our own projects

As tradesmen, we rarely enjoy our own skill sets on projects for ourselves. As the saying goes, “The carpenter’s house is falling down.”IMG_2076.JPG

Recently, during a visit with an upholster friend of mine, over a couple of beers, we dreamed up a headboard design with storage inside.

It was all talk until this last Saturday when I showed up with all the supplies neededĀ to complete the job.

Keeping with my new goal of taking immediate action, we completed the headboard in a hard day’s worth of work but I couldn’t be more proud.

Together we brainstormed, we problem-solved, we designed, and then changed the design many times.

Start to finish, we enjoyed every second of it. And now, my friend is a proud owner of the storage headboard that we built together, plus some memories that I would consider priceless.IMG_2109.JPG

A huge portion of my attention, moving forward, is going to be focused on pulling ideas out of each tradesman that I meet, and helping them value their own skill sets.

What better way to value your own skillset than to work on your own project for a change.

Put aside the paying projects – the ones with the demands and the deadlines and do something for yourself.IMG_2108.JPG

I want you to take the time to value your accomplishments no matter how small they are.

Realize that the skills that you have taken years to learn are so valuable and you should be proud of where you are with your accomplishments.

There’s always going to be another job lined up.

There’s always going to be more work waiting to be done, deadlines that you’re late for, bills that you have to pay.

Don’t lose sight of why you do what you do.

Nobody else has the knowledgebase and the combination of all of your experiences that make you into the tradesman that you are.

Nobody else has what you have because nobody else is you.

Download theĀ Video of the working headboard!