Successfully Unemployed and Homeless

Succesfully Unemployed and Homeless

Maybe it’s the Christmas Decor. Maybe it’s the coffee. Or MAYBE it’s the Hank Williams and the classic country that I am listening to. What ever it is, something has got me thinking about my current situation.

I have not had time to process between finishing Christmas deadlines for upholstery work and selling/ moving out of my house 3 days before Christmas. As I finally sit here and think, I realize that everything is working out exactly as I had planned. I am now homeless, unemployed, and happy.

As I hear Johnny Paycheck singing “Take this Job and Shove It”, playing in the background… I realized that I didn’t like where I was in life so I decided to “Take this Life and Shove It”.

I apologize to those out there who are truly homeless. Although if you are homeless and reading this then that would raise a few questions for me.

The truth is, I have been offered many places to stay till I move to Columbia SC in a couple months. And… Unemployed… self employed… whats the difference? Right? In a world where a person’s job defines them and dictates how the outside world views them, I am constantly asked “What do you do?”. I like to answer with a quick “I’m unemployed”. I usually do not get away with this answer for long before my girlfriend jumps in to correct me. I guess she doesn’t want people to think that she is with an unemployed homeless man. And here I thought our love knew no boundaries!

If I have a point to make with all of this then it has to be that you should celebrate your victories no matter how small they might seem. Even though it was my decision to be homeless and unemployed, I could be scared shitless right now if I let my thoughts go towards the negative side of things. I would be lying if I said there weren’t times when I have my doubts and get a little scared, but over all I am mostly excited to see what this next chapter brings for me.

As I am in the middle of a transition period in my life, I could really use the motivation that would come from celebrating our victories together. What is your most recent victory? And remember, size doesn’t matter… Not in this situation at least!