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As promised, here is your chance to grab a couple guides that I made to help you create some financial wiggle room while building a side business.  I call these the “Freedom Bundle”.  Use this bundle to define your goals, create financial freedom, and live a more balanced life.

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4 things to help you stop living paycheck to paycheck: How to create financial breathing room

-Spend less.

This one is the most simple but also the most immediate change that you can make to your situation.  If you are like most people (myself included), you are probably spending money on things that you could do without.

Do you have an expensive coffee habit?  Starbucks a couple times a week can really add up.  So can eating out for lunch everyday.  Simple things like skipping that $5 latte or packing your lunch can save you a lot of money over time.

Monthly payments are a killer to your cashflow.  Could you do without cable if it meant that you could put some money into savings?

Make a list of all of the things that you spend money on.  Now go through the list and pick one thing that you could do without.  Then make it happen.

The next step will be to change your spending habits once you see a little extra cash in your pocket.  It is easy to find new things to spend your money on.

Create a budget and stick with it.  Enjoy seeing your savings start to add up even if it is a slow process.

-Start a side business.

Everyone is capable of having a side business.  Eventually you can ask yourself if you want to build the side business into a full time gig for you.  For now, we are just trying to generate some extra cash flow to help you stop living paycheck to paycheck.

What kind of business should you start?  The quick answer is a service based business.  You can be up and running very quickly with little to no money invested.

We aren’t talking about approaching a bank for a loan or anything.  What you need is to simply find a service that people will pay for.  Something that you can do with very little startup investment.

First thing that you need to do is to think about what skills you have and brainstorm ideas of things that you could do for money.

Then think about everyone that you know and ask yourself, “how could I make people’s lives easier?  Is there a problem that I can solve or a service that they would pay for?”

An example of the types of things that you could charge money for would be things like yard work, pet sitting, or cleaning out garages.  Focus on things that people can’t do themselves or don’t want to do themselves.

Let’s face it… Your paycheck may be steady but sometimes it feels like it is spent before you even get it.  It is very easy to make extra money on the side if you are willing to work for it.

The best thing about having a second source of income doing side work is that you control how much you make.  If you need more money then do more work.  Having a steady paycheck is nice but with most jobs, doing more work doesn’t always equal more money in your pocket.  The truth is, it is a very nice feeling to have some control of your cash flow.

If this sounds like something that you can do (I know you can do it), then start brainstorming ideas for your side business today.  If you need any help then email me at  I would be happy to assist you!

-Ask for a raise.

This one applies to you if you have a job and you feel that you are offering more value than you are being compensated for.

Maybe you have been at this job for 6 months and are still making starting pay.  If you have done your best to learn your new job and are starting to take on more responsibilities within the workplace then it might be time to politely request that it’s time for a raise.

Another situation could be that you have been working the same job at the same pay for a long time.  In this case it’s also worth starting the conversation about getting a raise.

Perhaps your position is only worth so much.  If you find yourself maxed out with how much you can make, it’s time to have a conversation with your supervisors about moving up the ladder and/or taking on more responsibilities.

No matter your situation, the talk of you getting a raise should be approached as a conversation.  Not with demands, ultimatums, or arguing of any kind.

It may be hard to bring up, but the truth is that in most cases an employer is not going to volunteer to pay you more money.  If it is obviously time for you to get a raise, then there is a chance that they are waiting for you to ask.

-Change jobs.

Times have changed.  No one stays at a job for 30+ years anymore.  The quickest way to raise your salary is to get a new job that will pay you more.  This is a delicate game to play because the flip side to this is you do not want to be known as someone who bounces from job to job.

Look at your job now and see if there is room for you to grow within that company.  If there is and that would get you to where you need to be, then perhaps that is worth trying before moving on.

You must decide for yourself how much your time is worth.  If you feel that you offer more value than your current employer is willing to pay you, then start looking for your new job.

Finding your next job may take some time.  It will be in your best interest to still have a paycheck coming in while you surf the job market.  If you are unemployed and in a panic then you are more likely to end up taking any job rather than the job that you want.

I will repeat what I mean more clearly…  Do not just walk away from your current job until you have something else lined up!!  Things can get scary when you miss a paycheck or two while already living paycheck to paycheck.

Thank you!

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