Contracting is the future of Employment: Redefining A Tradesman

It’s time that we call into question today’s definition of what a Tradesman is.


Image courtesy of Flickr and Kevin Dooley

In the past generations, tradesman meant jobs like carpenter, plumber, electrician etc.

“What is a tradesman these days?”

I believe that in the near future we’re gonna see more subcontracting or consulting style relationships and less employment opportunities. Continue reading

Why you should work Creativity into your life.

“When I grow up, I just want to sit behind the desk and suppress all my creativity,” said no child ever.

Image Courtesy of Flickr And Jill

Image Courtesy of Flickr And Jill

With the average age of the skilled craftsmen being 50+ years old, soon there will be a huge demand for the younger generation to step up and learn skill sets.

We’re on our way to a definite skills gap in the United States, and most don’t even see it coming.

There’s opportunity for someone to make a decent living while having the freedom to call their own shots. Continue reading

Value your Skill sets: Why we should do our own projects

As tradesmen, we rarely enjoy our own skill sets on projects for ourselves. As the saying goes, “The carpenter’s house is falling down.”IMG_2076.JPG

Recently, during a visit with an upholster friend of mine, over a couple of beers, we dreamed up a headboard design with storage inside.

It was all talk until this last Saturday when I showed up with all the supplies needed to complete the job.

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I am not built for goal setting.

Both who I was and who I will be, are on an ever changing course intersecting only at who I am today.IMG_1081

The past is an unchangeable force that has as much power over us as we let it.

The future is not here yet, but if you wait a second you may catch a glimpse of it.

From the outside it may appear that I live my life only in the moment.

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8 Defining questions that you must know about your business.

Are you a Small Business Owner?  Or are you working that 9-5 but would love to take that job and shove it?  It’s time that you start defining your business.

Image courtesy of Flickr and

Image courtesy of Flickr and

There are certain things that you must think about to take your current or future business to the next level.

Here are some things that if you don’t know… then you should.  You slacker! Get to it! Continue reading

6 Questions every Small Business must ask themselves if they want to Crush It

5 years may seem like a long time away, but you are shaping your future right this second.  What if I told you that if you don’t start planning where you want to be now, then you would never get there…  Don’t worry, I can help you.

Image courtesy of Flickr and Ludovic Bertron

Image courtesy of Flickr and Ludovic Bertron

These 6 questions will jumpstart the future of your business.  If you need more help then CLICK HERE for a FREE worksheet that will help you Build a strong Foundation for Your Platform (your business) Continue reading

8 Steps for taking Constructive Criticism like a Boss.

Today I talk about some great posts on my blog including one that teaches you how to take criticism and use it to better yourself personally and in business.

Criticism sounds like such a negative word.  Just the thought of it sends most of us into defensive mode quicker than anything.  However, like it or not, getting outside perspective is essential to our personal growth in life and in business.

There is a time and place for Constructive Criticism.  In this episode, I give you 8 steps to surviving Criticism with your head up without falling into a defensive spiral.

Struggles of The Entrepreneur

This is for every entrepreneur out there who is up against the wall, feeling defeated or alone.  We yearn for validation of our ideas and want so badly to change the world.

I am here to say that you are not alone.  I know what you are going through and so do millions of other amazing individuals.  Lets come together and be a part of something bigger.  Lets come together and change the world.

A movement has begun within the ranks of the working class.  A movement towards self reliance.

We need leaders to step up and take charge towards a better tomorrow.  United we will stand, and together we will grow! Continue reading