I am not built for goal setting.

Both who I was and who I will be, are on an ever changing course intersecting only at who I am today.IMG_1081

The past is an unchangeable force that has as much power over us as we let it.

The future is not here yet, but if you wait a second you may catch a glimpse of it.

From the outside it may appear that I live my life only in the moment.

The truth is that everything is highly calculated for a future result.

I am just poor at planning so I am left missing the mark and improvising as I go.

This leaves me feeling as though I am in a constant state of failure.

Why do I put so much emphasis on future plans and goal setting when I know that I work best in the moment?

Beyond that, I am realizing that I see any goals that I set as immediate limitations and they end up depressing me.

If I knew where my salary would top out, where I would live for the rest my life, or what my future job title would be, then I would find all of these things depressing.

I would never want to know exactly what the future holds. So why do I even spend so much time and energy defining my goals?

I have read some great articles on similar point of views on goalsetting however I am only now realizing this for myself.

Take away the feeling of failure for not reaching every goal set.

Only focus on immediate action.

I am not with out goals but I will strive to spend less energy defining every detail.

I will live in the moment with the future in mind.

I once heard this quote which says something along the lines of, don’t live your life like you will die tomorrow but live it as if you only have five years left.

If I knew I was going to die tomorrow then there would be a lot of things that I would do before the day’s end.

Most of which I would be arrested for if I was wrong about my impending death.

For now on, I will appreciate what I have today.  I will look forward to tomorrow.  Beyond that… who knows!  I guess we will see.