How to get “Weekend Drunk” on a Tuesday, and not think about work… until morning.

We have all been there… alarm clock sound fades into reality as you realize that you were only dreaming about being in a clock store.

Picture c/o Amgad Fahmi

Picture c/o Amgad Fahmi

Roll out of bed with one eye barely open as you feel for the alarm and if you are lucky, you actually hit snooze instead of turning it off.  Laying back down for 9 minutes seems like the one thing in the world that will make all of this go away.

Side note… Why do my alarms all snooze for 9 minutes?  I find this strange.  I want to lay back down for a solid 10, but I guess 9 will do.  

Back to the story…

Now is the time to get up and face the truth.  Or, Should You push snooze again?  Yes.  Most likely you will be able to justify this at the time, and it will make perfect sense.

Another 10 minutes… uh I mean 9 minutes later, you spring to your feet.  “SHIT I’M LATE!!  Why did I push snooze so many times?”

If you are anything like me then this is the time that you think to yourself, “I am never drinking again”.  What I should have said is that this is the time that we lie to ourselves, because let’s just be honest.

How did we get here?  WHY did we go drinking on a Tuesday night?

For me, it would start on that Sunday.  Sunday’s were always such a depressing day for me when I had to face going back to work on Monday.

It also probably didn’t help that I would still be coming down from the nonstop balls to the wall partying that started the moment that I left work on Friday when I needed to forget the last week.

Now the Sunday Morning Coming Down would set in and the dread of Monday would begin.

Then finally I would be at work Monday morning to face what ever surprises that the universe decided to throw at me (because I am the victim in this story).

Monday is now over, and it sucked.  The only thing keeping me from realizing the full extent of my depression would be my level of exhaustion.

I wake up Tuesday refreshed and fully energized, ready to face my life with the full amount of negativity that I was too tired to give the day before.  Looking for an escape, I start to rally the troops.

“Lets just go to a happy hour for a couple of beers and appetizers to blow off some steam”

Yeah, Bullshit!  What I should have said was, lets close down the El Rancho Taco and do Tequila shots until midnight.

The only reason it wouldn’t be 2 a.m. is because we started the night at a family restaurant.

As Lynyrd Skynyrd would say, Tuesday’s Gone and you’ll never get it back. (I added the last part)  The sad truth is that we let ourselves face this never ending cycle of discontent.

I was lucky to get out, and begin my journey to find my happiness.  If there is a moral to this story at all then that would be it.

I love a good time any night of the week and I’m all about the tequila shots, but WTF!?! Stop living your miserable life and go change it.

TAKE ACTION NOW! Stop talking about it around the water cooler.

What is something that you want to do but have only been talking about?