Get over yourself and succeed already.

Do you have lots of great ideas and big plans for the future?  Are you so passionate about something that your loved ones are tired of hearing about it?  What if I told you that you are the only thing holding you back?  If you don’t believe me then it’s worse than I thought… You are FULL of excuses!

Photo Courtesy of Flickr NickUzma

Photo Courtesy of Flickr NickUzma

Time and time again, I have had to realize that I hold myself back more than any other thing ever does.  In fact I am admitting for the first time publicly that I have an addiction to validation.

I have learned through the years that I should trust my gut.  I have a great sense of what is right and wrong, plus I know if something goes bad then I will figure it out like I always do.

What stops me from achieving what I set out to do?  In the end… nothing does.  I usually keep moving slowly closer to the end goal while trying to prove my every step along the way.  By the time that I accomplish what I set out to do, I then realize that I could have gotten there 1000X faster if I had only trusted myself.

Stop talking and go take action.  Get over yourself because YOU are the biggest hurdle that you will face.

You have unique experiences and talents that make you into who you are.  You know deep down that if given a shot, you would do amazing things.

You probably already have some idea of what you would do if nothing was holding you back.

A year from now, you will be a year older…  Does that scare you?

Take a look at the big picture and think about what really matters.  With all things considered, what’s holding you back?  That was a rhetorical question… But, if you answered it and your answer was anything other than “nothing”, then you fail.  Try again.

The only answer is, “nothing is holding you back” and anything else is just an excuse.

Strip away everything from the picture. Every detail, besides you in this moment and where you want to be… Now with no excuses there to change your answer… Where do you see yourself in a year from today?


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  • justin

    I also lie to myself and say “it doesn’t matter what some one else thinks” but follow the thought with a need for validation of my ideas. I think it comes back to the fear of falling flat on my face which is UNAVOIDABLE. And that’s OKAY. I look forward to your posts Daniel, thanks for sharing.

    • Daniel

      Hey Justin, Thanks for following along! Great news is that I just found where I need to go to find comments that need approval! Sorry for the delayed response.

      It’s a constant struggle as we go after our ideas and dreams. It would be easy to let little things stop us everyday but with momentum and lots of practice… it gets easier to keep moving forward.

      Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you in your journey, it has been great getting to know you!