It’s not the size of your Facebook friend list that matters, It’s how you use it.

You have 1999 friends on Facebook?! AND you are sitting there waiting for one more person to accept your friend request so you can celebrate the 2000 friend milestone?!!  GREAT… but you are failing at life 🙁

Samson waiting on friend requests 🙁

We are losing all meaning behind the word friend with such a lack of attention being paid to real personal connections today.

Of those 2000 “friends”, how many can you say that you have actually had a meaningful conversation with?

Have any of them been affected in any way by being your internet friend?  Or the other way around… Have you used your connections to expand your world a little and grow as an individual?

I have been guilty of going friend request crazy myself, back when I first started exploring this online world.

I would send out a regular “Hey, thanks for connecting”  or “I look forward to following your progress online”.

Then one day I realized that I just don’t give a shit about actually following peoples progress, or reading everyone’s blogs, or just reading for that matter.

It’s not that I am self centered… It’s just that I had to realize that I am not everyones target audience, so I am not connecting with them online to pretend that I am going to be a fan of theirs.

I should be connecting to people online because I want to learn from their experiences and get their perspective.  Not to pad my numbers of how many friends that I have.

How can you be personally connected to 2000 Facebook friends?  The answer is… you can’t, but you can start small with one relationship at a time and go from there.

What I have found to go a long way with people is to connect them to other people, products, or services that they truly would benefit from knowing about.

Every time that I learn something new, I instantly think “I know someone who could use this!”.

By offering value for the sake of offering value… it will come back around when you are in need.

I recently started hosting Google Hangouts for people within some groups that I am in.  I am immediately loving the sincere connections that I am making.  I try to leave every person that I connect with, just a little better than they were before we spoke.

I will keep you posted on how this works out for me.

Don’t just request, accept, and say thanks for connecting! Try actually connecting and leave that person better off for knowing you.

This may be the only time the two of you ever interact outside of liking each other’s cat videos.

Yeah you have real friends who all run in the same circles and know the same things.  Your knowledge is more valuable to someone outside of your circle.  The same goes for the people that you meet by networking online.

You are opening yourself up to learn from someone that you would never be in contact with if it weren’t for this amazing thing called the internet.

By accepting a friend request, recognize the untapped source of unique experiences that you have just opened yourself up to.

You are now learning the Strength of Weak Ties, so get out there and connect!

Have you had any interaction with your most recent “friend” on your friend list?


 “You can have everything in life that you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want” -Zig Ziglar

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