Can you really fear success?

HWY (1969)I have had the misfortune of most things working out for me.

Sounds like contradictory doesn’t it?  Well, let me explain.

Things don’t always come easy to me.  In fact, sometimes it seems I do everything the hard way.

Even though most days I’m a train wreck, things have a way of always working out.

I have learned that the universe, for what ever reason, always falls into place just enough to give me anything that I set out to get.

This has worked well in the normal life that I am used to.  Coming from a modest background, even the smallest goals seem like big accomplishments.

A year and a half ago I decided that I wanted to create a new life outside of the “normal” path of my world.

I am tired of the big fish in a little pond type of feel in my life.

Now a year and a half later, I am still spinning my wheels showing no progress.

Facing defeat, I have to ask myself why I am not making progress.

It comes down to one main reason, and this was a hard truth for me to learn.

I have heard of fearing failure.   For a time, I even thought this was my problem.

The only thing is… I don’t actually fear failure.  I have no doubt that I will figure it out someday.  I have been both discouraged and still completely convinced that I will figure out what I want this new life to look like.

So if not fear of failure, then what else?  Fear of success!

Yes.  It’s fear of success that has me scared to move forward.  “I’m not scared”, is what the man in me tries to tell myself.

To this my reply must be, “Yes you are.  You are scared that you will choose the wrong path and find success in an area that doesn’t fit with the life that you want to live”.

I don’t want to take on furniture jobs out of fear of growing another business that I don’t want.

I fear writing blog posts until I know what my over all message should be.

I fear putting out podcast episodes because what if I grow a podcast serving the wrong audience.

Fear.  Fear.  Fear.

I have been handcuffed by fear and my limiting believes.  Now that I see it, what can I do about it?

I need to look at this from an outside prospective.  I need to realize how silly I am being.  If it were someone else then I would have great advice for them.  Just go for it.  Take action and worry about the details later.

I am taking my own advice, although this is almost as hard as admitting that I have a problem in the first place.

Sometimes I feel that I wasted my 20’s.  That I let too much time go by just waiting for “someday” to come.

The truth is, “someday” is here.  It’s here everyday, because with each new day we have the opportunity to go after our dreams.

You can either sit and wait for your awesome life to happen to you, or you can go after it and make life your bitch.

Bend life over and make it squeal… you are in charge!

Things just escalated quickly…

I should wrap this one up before it goes even more south.

What’s holding you back from going after the things that you want?

Photo credit Flickr/Karl-Ludwig Poggemann

  • Jonny

    This is so damn true. I am digging your writing, please don’t stop.

    • Thanks Jonny! Mental hurdles are the worst… You’ve watched me hold myself back over this last year. Massive action equals progress and progress in any direction is better than being scared to move forward. I’ll see what I can do about writing some more stuff to entertain you ha!

  • Great post, and so true! I learned many things this year, but I feel like I’ve just walked back to my starting point as far as real progress goes. Check out this other post too, I think you’ll like it:

    • I guess the key is to keep trying and don’t get in our own way 🙂
      I’ll check out that other post, thanks!