If you are like me, you love your family and you have some amazing friends.  The truth is though, surrounding yourself with awesome people is only one part to living a happy life.

There is a huge chunk of our lives taken up by this thing that we call “work”.  Unless you just hit the latest Billion dollar powerball or have royal blood in your veins, then let’s face it… you are in the same boat as I am.

I am your average everyday “working man”, yet I am more than that.  I don’t want to be defined by the job that I do.  I want to be the best person that I can be while living the most happy and fulfilled life that I can.

I grew up on the same farm that my mom grew up on.  My dad was born on the next farm up the street.  You can say that we didn’t make it too far.

I appreciate a lot of things that came with my rural upbringing, including my understanding of work ethics as well as being surrounded by genuinely good people.

My roots have shaped the person who I have become.  I am proud of where I came from, but I want to see the world.

It is a scary thing to leave the comforts of what you see as “normal”.  That is what I am challenging myself to do.  Go out there and discover the life that I want to live, and create my own path to happiness.

Transitioning into a new life style is difficult.  I make mistakes.  The truth is that sometimes I even want to quit.

I wont quit though, and you shouldn’t either.  I am here to help you any way that I can…  But who am I?  Glad you asked!  Let me tell you a little more about myself! This is after all, an about me page 😉

I have experienced quite a bit in my 30 years.  Just to name a few things, I once co-owned a custom furniture design company, I have done many construction jobs including commercial drywall finishing.  Most recently I have jumped into blogging and podcasting.

I am marrying the love of my life in September 2016!  This last year, my fiance and I moved from Ohio to South Carolina in an effort to keep expanding our horizons.

We have two crazy dogs.  A border collie named Wrangler, and a standard poodle named Murray.  Never a dull moment with those two.

I believe in a “for the greater good” mentality, and I strive to offer as much value to the lives of those around me as I possibly can.

My mission is to see the world and live an amazing life.  I want to be inspiration to others who share a similar background as I do.  It doesn’t matter how humble your start was.  You can accomplish anything that you set your mind to.

It may be a bumpy ride but I am out to prove that if I can go after my dreams then anyone can.

Welcome to my work in progress!