5 Words of Advice That Will Make People Like You More


Photo: Flickr/ Luca Sartoni

Have you ever met someone that you just don’t like.  You can’t explain it but they just rub you the wrong way?

How about the flip side of this.  Do you know someone who fits into just about every circle that they are in.  Someone who could go to a bar alone and have a great time making new friends on the fly?

I am a people watcher so maybe I have analyzed this subject more than most.  It is clear to me that some people are just naturally liked and others are… well… not.

I believe that being accepted and liked varies depending on the circumstances.  However, there is one general rule that can be summed up with 5 words.

Want to know what those 5 words are?  Ok… Drumroll please!!!

Don’t be a judgmental dick.

Take a second and let that sink in.

We all have our own issues.  Everyone comes from a different place and from different experiences.

There is no exact right or wrong way to live your life.  It is not our place to judge others on anything.  You may not agree with certain decisions or life choices, but not agreeing is different than judging.

I love to hear people’s stories.  I am surprised by how much people open up to me.

Recently I asked a few of my friends, (some old friends and some very new friends) about what do I do that makes them feel like they can open up to me.

What was very clear with all of their answers was that it has to do with being accepting.

When you come from a place of acceptance instead of a place of judgment then it will make your connections with people go much deeper.

If you only stick to having friends that are just like you then I promise… You’re missing out.

Let your guard down and be your imperfect self.  Step outside of your comfort zone and learn about the struggles of others who come from a different world than you do.

When you genuinely care about others as individual human beings, then you will be able to find a friend anywhere that you go.

I am thankful for the many circles of friends that I have.  You never know where you’ll find me.  I may be camping and riding ATVs with my hillbilly friends.   Playing Euchre at the VFW with a bunch of old Veterans.  Out for drinks at the Gay bar with my new southern circle of friends.  On a Google Hangout with my podcasting friends…

The real fun will be this September when all of these different worlds come together to celebrate our wedding night.  It will definitely be an interesting weekend!

In conclusion, if you are ready to expand your world and make some real connections with people then make the effort to be more accepting.  Over time it will become a habit and will take very little effort.

So remember kids.  Don’t be a dick.  Especially a judgmental one.