The truth about failure and how you need to look at it.

310282065_dc4ea2bfce_zBeing scared of failure holds a lot of us back.  I have let the fear of failure paralyze me for most of my life.  The scariest truth of all about failure is that your success depends on it.

When faced with the difficult truth that you have hit a wall of failure, what you do next will decide your fate.  You could lay down and be beaten.  Give up and live out your days thinking about how things could have been.  These are examples of letting your failure get the best of you.

The truth about failure… Continue reading

One simple decision that will give you control of your own life.

Go to work, come home, pay bills, go to bed.  Go to work, pay bills, come home, go to bed.  Pay bills, come home, go to bed, go to work…  When did life become so routine?  It is easy to go through the motions of it all only to realize one day that you wish that you could go back and do it all over again.

Perhaps you would have taken more risks.  Maybe you regret not going to college.  OR you wish that you would have started a business of your own.

The funny thing about looking back and regretting is that time keeps moving forward.  In ten more years you will be looking at today and be  beating yourself up with regrets all over again.  Unless you make a change.

My fiancé likes to always remind me of the definition of insanity, which is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  For the record, I am the perfect partner in our relationship so I am not sure why she feels the need to tell me things like this.  (Unless she reads this.  In that case… I am just joking sweetheart and I am sorry!)

You can’t keep going through the motions of your life expecting to have different results for your future.  It all starts with a decision.  A decision that you want more.  More of what ever you want out of life.  To declare that you want more will lead you down the path of living life on your terms… If you let it.

I grew up on a farm out in the country.  We did not have a lot of money, and we never traveled.  That is the world that I come from, and for most of my life I let it define who I was.  Continue reading

5 reasons why everyone should work for a small business at least once in their career


Most of my working career has been spent working in small businesses, either as an employee or as an owner.  The education that I received in the “on the job training” has played a very crucial part in shaping the person that I am today.

The definition of “small business” may vary depending on who you ask.  Whether the business has 5 employees or 50, there are some very valuable lessons that one can take away while working there.  Here are 5 reasons why everyone should work for a small business at some point in their career.

1. Close to top of the ladder.
This may be an obvious one, while at the same time may not seem important.  Most of us don’t get a job hoping to stay at that same level forever.

The smaller the company that you work for, the closer to the top of the ladder you will be from day 1.  This means that it will be much more likely that your hard work and great ideas will be noticed by the real decision makers of the company.

There is less competition to stand out and this could set you up for future advancement and responsibilities.  At the very least, having your ideas heard and also acted upon will build your confidence.

2. Self Discipline.
A smaller company my not have as strict rules or procedures.  This usually comes with a certain amount of flexibility in either hours worked or the amount of work completed.

The flexibility is a perk that must not be taken advantage of.  It takes real discipline to do what’s right for the company when you are responsible for your own time. Continue reading

7 Killers of Success and how they hold you back

You have the power to decide what you want out of this life and also to make it happen.  Success isn’t an impossible goal, but it is a decision that you have to make.  You will not reach your goals on accident.

It’s not an easy road, but it is possible to look past the life that you are “expected” to live.  There you will see the life that you only dream about, goals that you are scared to set, and a happiness that you are sure that you will never feel.

Perhaps it’s the perfect job.  Maybe you dream about having the ability to spend more time with your family.  OR it could be personal goals such as losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle that you desire more than anything else.

Normal, everyday, regular people can do extraordinary things.  It happens everyday.  What does that mean for the rest of us who struggle to break out of routine of our everyday lives?

Is there some unwritten rule that states that only a handful of us regular folk will break the mold and get to live a life that we design ourselves?

I am a quitter.  Once things get a little hard, I pull back to what I find comfortable and routine.  I tell myself that there is always tomorrow, and that is when great things are going to happen.

Tomorrow is always when that diet starts, when that book is going to be read, or when I am going to be more strict with my personal development routines.

We don’t have to wait till tomorrow to start making progress toward any sized goal in our lives.

There are certain things that hold us back and keep us from making progress or even getting started.  Once you identify what is holding you back, you will then be able to work around those obstacles.

Here are some of the main things that hold a lot of us back:

Scared of the unknown-

This one is a silent killer of dreams.  Without even realizing it, you could be at a standstill and not making progress.  Your subconscious could be scared shitless of the unknown.
Not knowing where you are headed or how you’ll get there could end up being the reason that you never start down any path at all.  Leaving you wishing things were different but never doing anything about it.

Comfort in routine-

Comfort in the routine of your life goes hand in hand with being scared of the unknown.
While fear of the unknown keeps you at a standstill, you then tell yourself that you like certain aspects of your life.
Out of fear of upsetting the comfortable balance of your life, you set your sites low and settle for less.
There is nothing comfortable about reaching for the stars and going big.  Your whole life may change as a result.  You’ll have to ask yourself: “Do you want routine?”  OR “Do you want to have no regrets?”

Fear of failure/ success-

No one likes to fail at anything.  To put your name on something and have it not work out can be embarrassing as well as detrimental to your self-confidence.
One or more failures in a row can leave you retreating back into your comfort zone to never put yourself out there again.      Continue reading

Thinking big vs being a big thinker, and How the Difference Impacts Your Results

Photo: Flickr/ Brian Hillegas

Photo: Flickr/ Brian Hillegas

Are you a big thinker or do you think big?  You may be asking yourself, “What’s the difference?”.  After you read this you will clearly see how the difference between the two impacts your everyday results.

For better or worse… I am a thinker.  The work that I do is very creative, so the never ending flow of ideas can really come in handy at times.

The truth is though, it gets exhausting hearing myself think.  There is a time and a place for big ideas.  There is also a time to buckle down and do the work.

When I set out to work on a project, thinking big picture is the first thing that I do.  A 20,000 foot view of all of the components that will make up the end result.  I think about what I am trying to accomplish and how all of the pieces will fit together in the end.

I then work backwards making notes of any problem areas that I foresee.  I keep zooming in until I finally reach a starting point.

Once the planning is in place and the wheels of a project are in motion, then it’s time to stop thinking big and do the work.  This is where I struggle.

My mind keeps racing.  I over analyze and think myself into an anxiety induced roadblock.  Progress comes to a standstill as I chase unrelated factors into a million different rabbit holes.  It’s not really problem solving if the problems that are being solved aren’t actually in the way of you completing your goal. Continue reading

5 Words of Advice That Will Make People Like You More


Photo: Flickr/ Luca Sartoni

Have you ever met someone that you just don’t like.  You can’t explain it but they just rub you the wrong way?

How about the flip side of this.  Do you know someone who fits into just about every circle that they are in.  Someone who could go to a bar alone and have a great time making new friends on the fly?

I am a people watcher so maybe I have analyzed this subject more than most.  It is clear to me that some people are just naturally liked and others are… well… not.

I believe that being accepted and liked varies depending on the circumstances.  However, there is one general rule that can be summed up with 5 words.

Want to know what those 5 words are?  Ok… Drumroll please!!!

Don’t be a judgmental dick.

Take a second and let that sink in. Continue reading

7 Lessons to Design the Life that you Want

Photo: Flickr/ Paxson Woelber

Photo: Flickr/ Paxson Woelber

A couple of years ago, I decided that it was time to quit my own company and start a new chapter in my life.  I was burned out from working long stress filled hours, meeting deadlines and putting out fires.
I quit without an exact direction in mind.  All I knew is that I wanted to explore the world of podcasting and online business.
Over the last two years, I ran into a lot of obstacles.  Most of which deal with mental barriers due to shifting my mindset.  Here are 7 of the lessons that I have learned while designing a life outside of the “normal” path.

1. Who you spend your time with is important.
This may be the hardest lesson learned.  I found that certain people in my life only brought me feelings of negativity and doubt.  This was only apparent after a ton of analyzing all of the relationships in my life.

The most difficult part of spotting those negative influencing relationships is the fact that in a lot of cases, the person in question actually means well.

Some people my be jealous of you making an effort to change your life, but others (such as family members) may only be looking to steer you towards the safer path of what they see as the “normal” path.  They may be coming from a good place, but the seeds of negativity and doubt are still going to get into your head.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”  -Jim Rohn

I found that I had to be very conscience of who I spend my time with.  It isn’t just about avoiding negative people.  The real wins come from seeking out amazing people to surround yourself with.

If you spend all of your time with millionaires, then you will be more likely to end up being one yourself.  This may be the extreme example, but try replacing the analogy of money with any other trait that you wish to see in yourself.  You will see the same results.

2. What you read and listen to affects your success.
What do you do when you aren’t connected to the type of people that you wish to surround yourself with?

Start by getting rid of those negative people, and then fill your brain with positive and informative influences through books, audiobooks, podcasts, blogs, etc…

I challenge you to stop paying attention to all of the negative news stories and Facebook click bait articles.

Spend that same energy investing in bettering yourself by reading/listening to something on personal development or on a subject that you are passionate about.

3. Give yourself permission to take a different path.
This one held me back for a while, and I still struggle with it from time to time. Continue reading

Can you really fear success?

HWY (1969)I have had the misfortune of most things working out for me.

Sounds like contradictory doesn’t it?  Well, let me explain.

Things don’t always come easy to me.  In fact, sometimes it seems I do everything the hard way.

Even though most days I’m a train wreck, things have a way of always working out.

I have learned that the universe, for what ever reason, always falls into place just enough to give me anything that I set out to get.

This has worked well in the normal life that I am used to.  Coming from a modest background, even the smallest goals seem like big accomplishments.

A year and a half ago I decided that I wanted to create a new life outside of the “normal” path of my world.

I am tired of the big fish in a little pond type of feel in my life.

Now a year and a half later, I am still spinning my wheels showing no progress.

Facing defeat, I have to ask myself why I am not making progress.

It comes down to one main reason, and this was a hard truth for me to learn.

I have heard of fearing failure.   For a time, I even thought this was my problem.

The only thing is Continue reading

How a fried bologna sandwich made me cry

Here’s to those of you who grew up on eating fried bologna sandwiches.

Whether you know it or not, you are blessed with an amazing ability because of it.


Photo courtesy of Flicker and Joel Kramer

Growing up, Papaw Foy (married to my granny), would occasionally have to re-stock his bologna supply.  Apparently he loved fried bologna sandwiches or something.

When he would go to the meat store… or wherever you buy giant logs of pressed together entrails, he would Continue reading

Screw letters to my younger self, 5 lessons I need to remember now.

I am a creator.  I make things.  The kind of things that you can hold in your hands.  I work hard and play hard, perhaps too hard at times.

Image Courtesy of Flickr and Andres Rodriguez

Image Courtesy of Flickr and Andres Rodriguez

I am 30 years old, but my body thinks it’s 90.  Waking up sore every morning, leaves me questioning some of my past decisions.

Maybe it was working in the hay fields since I was 9.

Maybe it was the construction labor jobs where I was so eager to out work and out lift everyone.

OR maybe it was the phase that I went through where I thought MMA cage fighting was a good idea to do without health insurance… Continue reading